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The home is an important place for anyone. It is a sanctuary that one goes to after a long day at work. It is only at home that one mostly feels relaxed and in their best of spirits. It is, therefore, important that one makes it a habit to continuously improve their homes and make them more homely and efficient. Below are four top home improvement tips for 2016 that any homeowner should consider if they intend on making their homes more homely.

Home Improvement Ideas


The first tip that one should consider in 2016 has to do with ceiling fixtures. While many people may argue that a good ceiling fixture is one that needs to be easily recognizable, it is actually advisable that one should consider a ceiling fixture that easily blends in with the room. Good ceiling fixtures are ones that are hardly noticeable. They are the ones that easily blend in with its surrounding because their work is essential to enhance the room itself, not attract attention to itself. One can opt for pendant ceiling fixtures, which not only provide light but also offer some decoration to a room. Other than pendant fixtures, one can opt to go for track lights which can be used to provide beautiful accent lighting. All in all, make sure that the kind of ceiling fixture you choose for a room enhances the room’s theme and choice of décor.


One of the most important tips for home improvement in 2016 is getting your home to be energy efficient. Not only does energy efficiency play a big role in fighting global warming, it also helps you save a lot of money on your utility bills. To start off running an energy efficient home in 2016, start off by making sure that all your bulbs are energy efficient. Energy saving bulbs are easily noticeable by looking at its packaging. Energy saving bulbs usually have a star to show that they are energy efficient. Other electrical household items in the house such as cookers, fridges and microwaves can also be replaced by energy efficient ones which also identifiable by a blue star to show.


Exterior lighting is very important especially if one has a large garden. Exterior lighting can be used to light pathways and other parts of your home. Other than providing security, the lights can offer some sense of decoration especially when one likes to use their garden during the night for parties. While providing garden lighting is very important, the choice of garden lighting is also very important. It is advisable that one should use waterproof/submersible lights especially when they intend to be used in areas near fountains, swimming pools and docks. Solar powered lights can also be used especially in areas where the lamps will be exposed to the sun.


Contrary to popular belief, decorating a deck very simple. In fact, it is as simple as decorating a room. The most important factor that one should consider as they decorate their deck is the amount of space that they intend to use. This is very important since decks do not have physical walls, thereby making it hard for anyone who wants to decorate it. One you have decided on the amount of space that you want to utilize, decide on a theme and appropriate décor to go with the theme. Following these two tips will make decorating your deck a walk in the park.